There once was a man from...

Patrick is a California native and currently living in the glorious city of Chicago, IL.
Patrick spent almost 10 years studying and working as an actor and theatre-maker in Los Angeles, Chicago and other regional cities. In his acting career he has been lucky to embody a wide range of roles onstage and work with some of the most influential theatre makers in the country. He was also the co-founder of Lonesome No More!, an award-winning theatre company in LA. LNM! was established to build and enrich a burgeoning collective of multidisciplinary artists focused on creating opportunities for collaboration in a city where this was hard to find.
. His study of theatre and acting has given him a great appreciation of the depth of humanity and the wide range of unique people in this world.
But as new seeds in spring begin to grow, so did Patrick’s burgeoning interest in the human body and it’s vast potential, verging off the theatre path for the foreseeable future. His personal practice of Hatha Yoga lead him to an in-depth teacher training with master teachers Ganga White and Tracey Rich to deepen his understanding and appreciation for the art form. He continues to study, teach, and practice Yoga in Chicago. He recently finished an advanced 500hr training in Yoga therapy and completed a year long tenure in a holistic chiropractic office implementing bodywork and physical therapy. Currently, Patrick is enrolled in a four year doctorate program studying Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He hopes to continue assisting, connecting with, and helping to heal individuals in the community.
Patrick also loves playing music, traveling, hiking, dancing, laughing, and Burning Man.