Embrace the harmony and connection of our physical body and consciousness! 

Yoga is translated to mean to connect or yoke. It is full body and mind experience, and the benefits are truly life changing. Developing a yoga practice helps maintain a healthy, stress-free life. Build strength, flexibility, vitality, and confidence as you experience a comprehensive approach to exercise and life!

Patrick is a 500 hour RYT yoga teacher specializing in restorative and therapeutic yoga. And he is currently a full time student working towards a doctorate degree in Chinese medicine and acupuncture to deepen his knowledge of the systems of the body. Patrick feels so lucky and blessed to have worked, trained, and studied with such a wide variety of amazing, enlightening teachers in his life. He uses his knowledge of structural yoga, Iyengar alignment principles, pranayama, massage, chakras, mudras, and yoga nidra to help create a safe, releasing and replenishing experience for the practitioner. Patrick encourages his students to follow their breath and celebrate and study their own personal yoga—their true nature. His classes are a mix of guided meditation, deeply relaxing postures, hands-on healing adjustments, and invitations to cultivate deep listening within one’s own body and being—joining his students by looking inward, awakening and connecting with a deeper sense of who we are as individuals, and what our collective place is in this world.

Available for private or group classes, all specifically tailored to meet your needs.



*Due to the busyness of school, I am only offering one public class weekly:

Sundays, 4pm One Key Yoga. Restorative

**Schedules subject to change. Always check with the studio ahead of time**


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